Each summer, Silversides appear and inhabit caves and other aquatic type shelters in the Caribbean. ¬† So late Friday afternoon, with some work colleague, we snuck out early from work to go diving ūüôā

Here were are, all smiles, swimming out to the reef.  The first 400-500ft are not very scenic, so no point in wasting our precious air, so we paddle out.

Lots of caves to visit in the area of “Eden Rock”. ¬†Ocean has been calm, so great visibility. ¬†These caves are not for anyone claustrophobic though. ¬†Panicking in an underwater tunnel is probably not a very good situation.

Around Eden Rock, there are LOT of Tarpon.  Although they are large (anywhere between 3-4ft long) they are 100% harmless and quite friendly.  After-all, they see divers and snorkelers 365 days a year at this location.  Always a nice sight though.

Lots of colorful sights to see. No idea what these banana colored formations are.  Definitely pretty though.

Now for the real show : the Silversides! ¬†The reason it’s a show, is that there are 1000’s of them and they hang around in a school that moves in perfect harmony to protect from predators. ¬†It also makes for some spectacular pictures and videos. ¬†The two pictures below show the “formations” of Silversides that moves in perfect sync – really neat.

Of course video’s give you an even better idea of how neat this is, and how it is to be in an underwater cave. ūüôā



Lastly, on the swim back to shore, I got to see one of my favorite Cayman underwater sights Рa school of Blue Tang.  These guys always bring a massive smile to my face.  They just cruise around, doing their thing.  Not to mention they are lovely looking fish.

So there you have it! ¬†Another awesome diving experience in Cayman. I had seen the Silversides before, but did not have an underwater to document it. ūüôā ¬†If planning a trip to Cayman, they are around from sometime in June to end of July. ¬†We were likely on the last week-end of them being around so were lucky to find them.