July 2012

As my long time readers may recall, I always go to Las Vegas for a conference each year. I always try to go for a quick road trip after one of the conference days. Vegas is fun, but I also find it great to leave the action and see something else. This year, on a recommendation from my sister, I decided to check out the “Valley of fire”, which is under 1h away from Las Vegas.

As in previous years, my awesome buddy Mathieu, who I only get to see 1-2 times per year joined me in Las Vegas.   So here we are!

As usual, the roads were immaculate and as expected, the scenery was really pretty.  Lots of reddish mountains, hence the name!

This view made it all worth it!

This arch, which is simply called “Arch rock” was definitely one of the highlights of this trip.

Oh … so we are in the desert and its July.  This was the hottest we saw.  For non F people, this is +-44c.   HOT!!!!!!

Back to the madness of Las Vegas and all its evening traffic on The Strip.

So here is the trip ; Las Vegas to Valley of fire via a northern route and back via Lake Mead and Hoover Dam.  Makes for a really nice and surprisingly quick Las Vegas road trip.   Definitely worth it.  Make sure to bring plenty of water with you ; if you get out of your car at anytime, dehydration could come really fast.  Note that you will also cross 2 national park which will incur 2 x 10$ fee (per car)  Well worth it anyway.

Just recently with my dad we saw lot of great things. (see previous post)  I kept this visit as a separate post since it is something I had personally not seen and it is definitely worth a bit more detail.

In 2010, a local individual, Andreas Ugland (who apparently is a really nice fellow) opened up the Cayman Motor Museum.

The museum is located in West Bay, just past the Turtle farm in a dedicated building.  Here is the spot.  Nicely done in my opinion.

To be honest, I had seen a few pictures of the place, but did not really know what to expect.   I was delightfully surprised! This is what you see when you first enter the “room” where the cars are located.   Needless to say, for a small island like Cayman, the collection (and what you see below is only +-1/2 of it) is quite impressive.   There are many Ferrari’s (essentially all the red ones on the left and 1/2 of those in the right)

Here is one of the Ferrari’s.   Each car has an explanation as well as some history about the specific unit when relevant.  The fact sheet also gives the original price tag for that model.  Makes for interesting reading.

For those more into “old school” cars, there is a whole section of Rolls Royce and the likes.   I’m more into the Ferrari type rides, but I still found it very interesting.

If you are in Cayman and like cars, this place is definitely worth a stop.  We read pretty much every car information sheet and spent +-90 minutes in there.

Here is a link to their website: