July 2009

Last night I was browsing the “FailBlog” ; a blog with loads of funny situations, or a “Fail” in Internet language.

I came upon this jem of “Fail” for hurricane preparedness and though I would share it with you.  It sure gave me a good laugh.


This person will definitely lose their car if a big storm rolls by, not to mention that the carpet will only keep the water out for the first few drops of water.  I hope that all those living in the tropics have already stocked up on supplies and other items in case a storm develops.  I’ll be doing that soon.

A system that is looking more & more like a tropical depression may be our 1st named storm of the season.

I am currently off island, but definitely monitoring this system very closely as I am sure everyone on island is.

Here it is, just outside of the Caribbean.  Notice that there is already two more potential systems out there ; one in the middle of the Atlantic and one just off the coast of African, where these storms originate.


The potential trajectory … still early!  Good chance for lots of rain in a few days.