October 2016

I got invited by a friend for a day out on a boat.  The ocean was calm and very few clouds, so all was in place for a fabulous day out in the North Sound.  The North Sound being the big “U” shaped bay that “eats” up 1/3 of  Grand Cayman.

Off we go! You may have guessed, my friend is from the USA!


First stop: Stingray City.  Here I got as chance to play with my new GoPro underwater camera.  I should have got one of these a long time ago ; they take amazing underwater pictures and videos. 


Lots of stingrays around.  We were lucky; there was only one other boat where we were there. 


Next stop, Starfish point to see the starfish.  There were so many of them; we must have see 100 of them.  Nice to see that the population is doing well, even though many tourists come to see them. 


One of the final stops was the barrier reef – as always, plenty of fish and colors.  Always spectacular. 



When coming back to the boat decided to do an “artsy” picture of the boat propeller! 🙂 


About 5h on the boat and having fun!  Good thing I brought a full bottle of sunscreen lotion ; I really needed it. 

The ocean was so calm, that I was told it is only like that 2-3x per year. I guess we got lucky. What an awesome day it was.

So, I get a “social budget” for my team each year to go do something fun.  Great idea, excellent for team bonding.  Two years ago, I checked with my guys and they wanted to go deep-sea fishing. Last year, I was told that we had to go deep-sea fishing again.  This year – guess what?  Fishing it was a 3rd time.  I see a pattern here! 🙂

Ok so here is our ride for the day!  We took a whole day expedition, starting at 7:30am and back around 3:30pm.


It was not too long before the fish started to bite!  Here is Marlon who looks like he is fighting a 2000lbs whale – at the end of it all it was a small Barracuda.  We got a good laugh out of it 🙂


Petri happy like a kid with candy after reeling in his first catch – a nice tuna!


Paul, our resident joker with two tuna’s! As you can see, we have a great time.   Amazingly, not a drop of alcohol was consumed on the boat.


Probably the biggest fish of the day – unfortunately a Barracuda. These just get tossed back as most people do not eat them.  It is possible to get VERY sick eating barracuda.   Apparently, if you give a piece of the Barracuda to ants and they eat it, you are good to go.  If not, no-g0.  Personally, I am not going to risk my health on the opinion of some ants!


Group shot – Marlon had to bolt to pick up his boy as soon as the boat got back.  Oh well!


… and the haul! A bunch of tuna’s and a “strawberry grouper”.  All very tasty.  I had some tuna sashimi that very night and the grouper the next day.


This was pretty much our path on this day – out from the North Sound, then West to 12-Mile Banks where we spent most of the day.  Then back towards Grand Cayman, but to outside of Seven-Mile Beach (maybe 1-mile offshore) and the back to base.


As for charter company, this year we went with Cayman Offshore Adventures.  Same captain as last year who now has his own company/boat. Great guy and lots of fun. Also highly recommended.

His website is: