Every year, for the past 10 years, Cayman has hosted a Tennis tournament called “The Legends”.  Its a Tennis event where former pro’s come to play in a somewhat friendly format. Every year, a few big names come to play on our small islands.  We as spectators are able to see some great tennis and see these players up close.

This year the big names were Stefan Edberg and Martina Hingis (I am not a tennis fan but had definitely heard these names before)

Here is what the “stadium” looks like.   It is behind the Ritz-Carlton who is one of the sponsors of the event.

Here are some action shots I took during the evening.   Below is Stefan Edberg. As you can see,  everyone is close to the action.  Not a bad seat in the house.  The weather has been absolutely perfect for this kind of event ; breezy and not too hot or humid.   +-mid-20’s (c) in the evenings and mornings.

Martina Hingis warming up on one of the side courts.  Quite neat to be able to get so close.  Probably something impossible at a “large” tennis event. (although by Cayman standards this is quite a large event)

In the match.  It was easy to see why her and the other players are former champs.

A short video I took during the men’s match.   Will give you an idea how close we are to the action.

I very much enjoyed my evening of tennis.  Definitely something different!  Ill try to make it each year.  Its a great way to spend an evening, even for someone who is not a huge tennis fan.