Cayman seems to be a very quiet place right now ; and its awesome!

The holidays are over, people are back at work and everything seems to be humming along just nicely.   The weather has also been fabulous ; 27-30 every day with low(ish) humidity and very little rain.

So what to do on an awesome week-end and the in-laws are in town again?  Rum Point of course.  Funny thing is I only seem to get to that place when we have guests over.  Last time I was there was probably for my dad’s visit in the spring.  I should be ashamed 🙂

Rum Point in all its splendor.


One cannot come here and not take a picture of the pier ; even though I must have 100 taken over the years, I honestly never get tired of this sight.


Now, this is something that has certainly got my attention and has peaked my curiosity.    When I was a kid we used to see these kind of contraptions on TV ; a jetpack!  Flying around with thing on your back : awesome.  Well, it has now come to Cayman in a watered down (pun intended) version.

Here it is along Seven Mile Beach.  How  it works is quite simple.   You strap on the jetpack and instead of shooting air out the downward nozzles, it shoots out water.  To get the water to you (you can go up to 30ft in the air), there is a tube that goes to what essentially looks like a small jetski. In the jetski looking device is a 200hp engine that sucks up water and sends it to the jepack.  Quite ingenious actually.

53-IMG_4639 55-IMG_4641

Anyway, you may be reading about this more in the future 🙂 If anyone is on islands and wants to take one of these for a spin, the website of