April 2014

As I have often done in the past, I had to go to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands for a few days.  This time I stayed an extra day and went sailing with some friends.  What a great day it was.   The itinerary was to head out towards another of the BVI’s ; Jost Van Dyke.

Here is our Catamaran for the day ; the view is while I was snorkeling in the clear waters off Jost Van Dyke.


Awesome waters colors, just like in Cayman


This is where we did the snorkeling.  Nice & calm spot.


Next we made our way to “Sandy Pit” which for me was the highlight of the whole day.  Sandy pit is a tiny deserted island a few hundred yards off Jost Van Dyke.  As you will see it is absolutely picture perfect.

Here is is from the boat; quite a popular place as you can see.  What you see in the picture below is essentially 90% of the island ; the picture cuts off a small part on the right.


On the island … WOW!


So that was my sailing day in the BVI.  The other really neat thing about my trip was the flight to/from San Juan. Since American Airlines stopped service to many of the small islands from San Juan, I took a flight on “Cape Air”.

Cape Air provides air service to Tortola via San Juan on 10-seater Cessna’s.  A friend of mine had told me about a particularity of this air service and I made sure to use that information for my benefit : There is only one pilot, so if you ask and are quick enough, you can sit in front with the pilot, in the co-pilot seat 🙂

Here I am in the co-pilot seat just before takeoff.


Enjoying the view from the front seat


Sitting right next to the most important man on the plane … if anything happens to him, I have to fly.  Probably not a good idea!


Finally, here is a short video of takeoff from San Juan. Its such a different view from what i am used to sitting in a “normal” plane looking out the side and often over a wing.

As we all know, governments around the world are looking for new revenue sources.  The Cayman government is no different.   So recently the Business Approval Directorate finalized plans to allow us to have a new business thus generating new revenues, attracting new tourists and especially creating new local jobs.

So what is it: an exotic dancer bar and restaurant.   This will definitely add to the local “spiciness” of our entertainment week-ends and signals a new direction this country is taking.  I kind of like where its going!  I say spiciness since the place will be called appropriately “The Spicy Turtle”.  Apparently some other names were denied.

The building was just completed. Below is its pre-opening look without the neon’s and searchlights.  It is just off Seven Mile beach and near the main “bypass highway” for easy access and of course quick getaways.  It was made as of a lovely pink/purple shade so that it attracts the eye entices people to come and check it out.



Anyway, so for locals and tourists alike, looking for some fun after the sun has gone down, Grand Cayman now has a new option.  The grand opening is this April Fools day.