I recently had the chance to go to St-Kitts and Nevis.  A lesser known island of the Caribbean.  I was not too sure what to expect, but I was absolutely delighted. I had a presentation to give on a Friday and then had to fly to New York on the Sunday.  Thus, Saturday was free to visit.

St-Kitts and Nevis has a population of 55,000 similar to Cayman.  It is also a British Overseas Territory

First stop : Timothy Hill.  This view is the view most people may have seen of St-Kitts.  In the background (with cloud) is Nevis – the second and smaller island.  Here is the neat part: On the right, is the Caribbean.  On the left, is the Atlantic ocean.

Basseterre is the capital.  Today one cruise ship is in town.

Big surprise – there are monkeys on the island 🙂

This second guy I saw when I went out for a run on Saturday PM.  I took a turn onto an abandoned road here there he was, just sitting there.

An awesome Royal Poinciana tree

Ok this next stop was by FAR the highlight of the island for me.  I could honestly have stayed the whole day here and enjoyed in the amazing view.  This place was Brimstone Hill Fortress.  It was built by the British (who else …?) and is also a UNESCO world heritage site.    The view was absolutely stunning. The next bunch of pictures are all from this location – I took so many great pictures that I am sure you will also enjoy a few more.

View back to the mountains

View out to the Caribbean.


The island in the backgroud is St-Eustasius and is part of the Dutch Caribbean.


This last place is adequately called “Black rocks” – its a series of, well, Black rocks. 🙂

So there you have it.  A visit to an island you don’t hear too often on the regular tourist circuit. Even better was the fact that a 3rd party organisation paid for me & expenses to come there and give the presentation.