… well, not really!

Water temperature last summer in the ocean was +-87 degrees. Very warm.   Now, in the middle of the winter, its +-80 degrees.  Most people who will read this blog post will scoff at what I just wrote. Well, I can tell its colder by how my fellow divers are adapting. Last week-end, I was the only diver on the boat without a wetsuit. When someone asked me how come I was not wearing one, I instantly answered “I’m a Canadian”. The person (who was an American) seemed satisfied with my answer. 🙂

On one of my recent dives, I dove with very experienced diver (and a great chap) called Kelly!  Of course he had a camera and took the following pictures. (Thanks)

Here is a large Moray eel we saw in a crevasse.   It was probably 4-5ft long. It was about only 12-18 inches away when he took this picture. I wisely stayed back a bit further.


This cute guy, also a Moray eel, but spotted this time, was about the size of a hot dog sausage.


During our dive, a school of Horseye Jacks swam above of for a long time. It was a very graceful show.  These fish are actually quite large, probably 16 inches long or so.


Near the end of our dive, we saw this: A lionfish.  Beautiful!  However, as I have discussed a few posts back, are an invasive species.  This is only the second one I have seen.  It was a large adult specimen.


No wetsuit!