*Apologies for those that got the email alert twice.  The company hosting Micho.org had a crash and this post was lost*

Once again this year I participated in the Halloween 10-10-10 run.  To remind those who saw my previous posts, its a 30k relay race where each team member runs 10km.

I enjoy this race a lot since its in the East End.  The race starts off at Morritts condo’s and does a whole loop back ; essentially the running with the ocean to ones right hand side and crossing the island at Frank Sound Rd. Visitors will know Frank Sound Rd as the road to cross the island to go to Rum Point.

Last year I ran leg 3.  This year my team mates left me leg 1 (I let them chose first) so I had to run at 6pm and in the dark.  In my opinion its the best leg since the sun is not up so obviously much cooler.

I was able to take some pics of my team mates though.   Here is my favorite … its the “baton” handover between leg 2 and 3.  Here Gautam (right) seems somewhat relieved to have finished his 10k and we can see Dan is off ; we will see him at the finish in 50 or so minutes.


The team after the race is over. Cant believe I am the shortest at 6ft!  Our team name was “KPMG Canucks” … all 3 of us are Canadians!


So how did we do?  1st Corporate team!   Not bad at all.   Its difficult to read but it says that we are the 1st Corporate team in the 10-10-10 race. There is also the name of the main sponsor, Krys Global, a local firm.


Here was my leg via my GPS watch; starting at the green dot top right and all the way along the north shore and down the first 1/5 of Frank Sound Rd.