As  local, its easy to miss cool things in one’s backyard.  Just ask a person from a large city if they have recently been to any of the popular tourist spots.

Just recently, a good friend of ours introduced us to an awesome place close by.  A place near the ocean and where we have a good 50ft drop to the ocean.  Really nice.  Who knew we had seaside cliffs in Grand Cayman!!!

Here is the place.  The ocean was quite choppy today.

IMG_5892 IMG_5895

This person sure has a nice view.  The only thing that is not great is that there is likely no access to the water from that house.


The landscape at some places here is kind of like on the moon (minus the palm trees of course).  Lots of iron-shore.  Watch your step ; if you fall on this you will get really hurt.  Most of this is razor sharp.  Note to self: don’t go in flip-flops next time.


This location also has some Caymanite.  Its a semi-precious stone only found in Cayman and apparently a location in Hungary.  Here is the Wikipedia entry for Caymanite (


A bit further down the shore, we saw the waves crashing into the side and making massive splashes. Looks like a fun place for thrill seekers to jump into the water from high up.  However, I am told that depending on tides, currents can be very strong and pull people out to sea.  Not a good idea …


Now on to Spotts Beach; we know this place very well.  A great place for sunsets in winter (since Spotts beach is on the southern side of the island.  In summer, the sun sets to the right of the below picture and is not always over water depending on where you are on the beach)  The colors were great.

IMG_5921 IMG_5928