I have not been to this yet, but found this post on a scuba forum and am definitely intrigued and will for sure go to check it out.

Just off shore on the North side, at snorkeling distance, there are a few “hot water vents” … like volcano vents or “hot springs”. Who knew we had those! Best of all they are close to shore and in very shallow water.   Snorkeling anyone?

In any case, here is the location.   All credit for this information goes to a guy that goes by “Testudo” on Scubaboard.com.  This location is on the North side of Grand Cayman on the eastern tip. If you are not familiar, you may have to ask when you get to the area.

Here are some of his pictures.

More can be found at :


Also, its 3 days to … Hurricane season! 🙁

Unfortunately, a very active season is predicted. Lets hope they are wrong as they were last year.

In any case, just as a reminder to all who like to monitor Hurricanes but find that most Canadian/USA news outlets don’t cover Cayman  & the Caribbean enough, here are some site that us locals use: