Wow .. already in November and almost December.  For long time readers of this blog, that usually means a flurry of running posts.  This year is no different 🙂

The 10-10-10 race, which is a 10km x 3 runners relay is, as always, in the East End of Grand Cayman on the last week-end of October.  It’s also dubbed the “Halloween race”.  I have to admit I really like going to the East End.  In my opinion its often forgotten by tourists and locals alike.  So quiet and peaceful – lots of neat things to discover.  The race is in its 5th year and I am pleased to say that I have participated every year so far.  From a very small race, it has grown nicely and this it had record participation.  Bravo to the organizers.

So I got the last leg – which is also the hottest since the race starts at 6am and the last runner, depending on how fast his teammates are, starts to run only around 7:30-8am.

So here I am, running along the road with my “construction cone orange” shirt.  Good to be seen by motorists.  Gotta love running early in the morning, very few cars (even though there are two in the picture …) and seeing the ocean at the same time.


Here I am with my teammates after the run.  Once again with two other Canadians, Jesse and Dan who are both work colleagues.  The best thing about this race, after the fact that we finished 2nd Corporate team (out of 5) is that I beat both my teammates.  You see, yours truly had the hottest leg and is the oldest of the team – those guys are still in their 20’s and yours truly is above 40 now, so quite pleased 🙂


On my way back towards town I noticed this construction site at Bodden Town.  For those who know the area, it is not far from the Police Station.  Someone is building what looks to be a massive house.  Even though the trees hide part of it, note how wide it goes.  Ill make sure to post more pics of what may be an epic property in the next months.


Cayman Islands Marathon coming up soon ; really looking forward to it.  The temperatures in the morning have been dropping so should make for a great event once again.