Summer is here and its quite obvious.  Although rain has been quite rare (ask all swimming pool owners … they count on summer rain to keep their swimming pools full.  If no rain with lots of heat, the water evaporates and the pool then needs to be filled with the hose which costs $$$) things are growing lots.

First, the Royal Poinciana’s are in full bloom.  These have got to be my favorite trees here.  I love it every year how brilliant orange they get.   When driving east towards Savannah, they overhang over Shamrock road is awesome. Here you can see the first or many (see in back) just before getting to the countryside shopping center.

Here are some more on someones property in the area.

Next … the fruit is almost ready!

Here are limes.

Ackee.  These are extremely popular with the local Jamaican population.  When prepared it looks like scrambled eggs and is often (always?) mixed with salted codfish.   I believe this is eaten for breakfast. Please enlighten me if you know!  Although I consider myself adventurous, I have not yet convinced myself to have salted codfish for breakfast.

And of course banana’s.  Not yet ripe though.

On another note, I went to license my beloved CRV this week (long time readers know what I mean by beloved).  In Cayman, one needs to have their cars licensed every year. Its a process that can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 2h depending on how many people decide to do it that day.  Basically you have to drive to an approved location and they check the condition of the car ; indicator lights,  headlights, tires, wipers, etc.  Once you are given the OK, then you pay!  But thats not the story.  At the new licensing building in Red Bay, there is a pond right next it and there is a resident family of West Indian Whistling ducks.   Sooo cute.

There are not particularly shy. I guess they are used to having people around all day since its a busy location.   I also suspect they get fed since the government employees had a small water bowl out for them.  I did some research (aka : googled it) and it turns out that these are somewhat endangered (although not critically) and are indigenous to most of the Caribbean islands.

Last thing ; I saw this at a local supermarket. Obviously some sort of shipping error!

Note sure who is going to buy a snowboard here, even if its only 2$ 🙂