February 2008

This picture is of the construction site just next to my office building. Can you see whats wrong? (the answer is below the picture)


If you did not see it, the answer is what you cant see : Graffiti. The contruction site is surrounded by white panels to keep people out. There is not one single poster, sign, drawing or graffiti on either side. I know for a fact that in any other place, those nice white panels would be covered with graffiti within a few days if not hours!

Since monday PM, I am in New York for a few days of work. One thing is fore sure, I am no longer used to the cold. Its not all that cold (I estimate 7-10 degrees C). However, I have been wearing my hat (tuque), gloves & scarf while the New Yorkers dont seem to be minding the cold and walk around with their jackets open and I even saw some women in sandals! Thats what I get for being so used to 30 degree weather in Cayman 🙂

It was nice to have some time in the evening to get some shopping done and to walk around the usual tourist places as you can see in the pictures below. I fly back to Cayman on Thrusday ; Cayman Airways now has a direct flight from JFK to Grand Cayman. Gotta love direct flights!

Grand Central station


The NY subway (used it to get to one of my clients near Wall St. in the financial district


Ground Zero (World Trade Center)


Times Square


This is the airplane I took back to Grand Cayman. Cayman Airways recently redesigned their planes with the coat of arms of the country, changed the font & changed the location of “Sir Turtle” ; in my opinion their plane looks great.


At work its the annual “busy season” ; lots of client and lots of work. Few US trips to Miami, NY & LA coming up. This period usually goes from January to March ; perfectly normal in an accounting firm. Its also busy season for visitors! After Julie’s parents, Laurent & Terri-Ann, Julie’ best friend will be over in 4 weeks. Then a buddy of mine will be over for easter in March.

During one of our east end drives, we stopped to look a bit at the blowholes. These holes, which are found in the iron shore give a pretty good show. Below are a few samples of the blowholes. Also, here is a short YouTube video of a larger and more impressive blowhole. (This video was taken by Julie’s dad) As you will see in the video, we almost got very wet since a very large wave can in as surprised us.





This last picture was taken by Laurent when he was with us. Although I am very used to driving on the other side of the road and having the wheel on the right, I must admit it still looks funny when you actually look at it in a picture. I guess thats what happens after 15 years of driving on the other side does to you!