Grand Cayman has a cold spell!!!  Well, not really.  The infamous “polar vortex” that had most of the US in a deep freeze 10 days or so ago did not make it all the way to our sunny islands.

That being said, the last few days have brought stormy weather and temperatures in the low 20’s.   Sweaters and long pants have been seen around town.  Not for this Canadian though; mid to low 20’s are a heat wave for us, right?  This weather system has also brought lots of waves to our shores; many dive operations had to cancel boat trips and also unfortunately some cruise ships had to skip Grand Cayman all together.  So no diving for me this week-end.  We did go to the brunch at Tukka in the East End though!

Anyway, my good friend Sean, who is an up and coming photographer (OK, it’s his hobby …) took a series of pictures of this stormy weather.  I must say they are really nice.  So here is a selection of them.

I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

154806_10152202323358708_608021059_n 1013227_10152202321448708_1212948986_n  1535458_10152202323073708_1919517487_n 1538700_10152202933838708_484204554_n


This last one is from another collection ; note the sunny skies.

It looks a lot like someone with their fist in the air, as if they just scored the winning touchdown or goal.  Kind of like the picture of Rocky Balboa 🙂



By mid-week we should be back to the high 20’s and more “normal” Cayman weather. That being said, i’ll take low 20’s over a polar vortex and minus temperatures any day!