October 2010

No, thats not the heat here today.  Its the type of turn that Hurricane Tomas is taking.

From what seemed to be a straight line from Barbados to Cayman, is a line from Barbados to 1/2 way though the Caribbean and then north to Haiti. I am glad, but feel sorry for the Haitians who have more important things to deal with.

Here is the forecast ; all computer models seem to agree.

Definitely the first time I see a storm make such a turn.  I agree these are just forecasts, but they all seem to agree, so could they all be wrong?  Hope not.

Was a gorgeous week-end here.  Lovely diving on Sunday.  The water temperature is down ; most likely because of all the rain in the last 3-4 weeks.  Its down from 87 to … 84! 🙂  Still more than acceptable.   This winter it will go down to +-77 degrees which is still quite nice, although on deeper dives a wetsuit is nice.

Well that was fast!

We now have one Hurricane (going to Bermuda) and one Tropical Storm.  The TS may potentially come to Cayman around next Thursday if it stays on its current course.

The current forecast calls for Tomas to be a Category 3 hurricane by Wednesday somewhere east of Jamaica. Great!  The computer models are not too sure but from the ones I saw, some say it will turn north before getting Jamaica.  We shall see.

Locals reading this : check your hurricane supplies just in case.   Ill be following this closely and posting this week-end

Long time no post; I am still alive! Lots of travel, busy at work and quite frankly things have been very quiet on island. For summer time, that’s awesome news.

But now we have a trio out in the Atlantic and one unfortunately looks quite “promising” in my opinion. That would be No 3 that is currently off the coast of South America and nearing Barbados.  Ill keep following this one closely.

I recently came across the video below that perfectly reflects the business environment for all expats in Cayman.  Ok, not really but it gave me a good laugh.   It certainly would be fun if it were true.

Diving this week-end … hopefully some pictures coming up!