In the last few months, I have really taken to scuba diving.  Recently, I had the opportunity to dive on the east end of Grand Cayman. The diving is great.  Less dive boats, great coral reefs and lots of fish/wildlife.

We also saw two medium sized reef sharks.  These animals are gorgeous.  They were not at all interested in us and just gracefully swam by us.  No aggression or any hint that it would want to harm us.  So beautiful.

Here are some pictures. To be honest, most of these I have no idea what they are.  They sure were pretty though! 🙂




This was amazing!  There was a school of thousands of small fish.  When swimming though, I was basically blinded, since all I could see were the fish. I could not see at all where I was going. Very cool.



This shark is about 7ft long by my estimates. It is a Caribbean reef shark. It was about 30-40ft away from us.



Unfortunately shark populations around the world are being depleted. Here in Cayman I have not seen many.  In many parts of the world, they are being caught and “finned”.  I have not heard/seen any of this here, which is good.

Basically their fins are cut off and then they are tossed back into the ocean to die at the bottom since they are no longer able to swim. Quite barbaric 🙁  Their fins are used to make … soup! I recommend you watch Sharkwater. Its a documentary that I watched recently and that moved me a lot.  I promise you will never see sharks in the same light once you see this documentary.  The official site is On the main page you will see the trailer which will gve you an idea of what this is all about. The entire documentary is available on Youtube (in 9 parts) The first part can be seen at