I recently went to visit the National Museum of the Cayman Islands.  As a true local, I had often driven and even walked right by but had never gone in.   As you will see in this post, I found it to be a lovely visit and very worthwhile.

The Museum is in George Town, right at the harbor front in this building, which is the oldest public building in the Cayman Islands. It was built in the early 1800’s and at one point or another was a court house, jail and Post Office.


As you may imagine, the National Museum is likely about the history of the Cayman Islands ; you would be correct.  The displays cover a variety of themes. From the discovery, the traditions (e.g: fishing), key political events, etc.

Here we have a large display detailing all the key dates in the history of the Islands up to the current period.


This display, which was nicely done, showed us the mangrove habitat that can be found in many areas.

IMG-20150518-00349 IMG-20150518-00340

The bird on the 1c coin.  Unfortunately, as the display explains, the Old Truss is extinct and now only exists on the coin.


This display was of a “talking man” about the ’32 hurricane and fishing/turtling.  It was quite realistic and nicely done.


I spent about 90 minutes inside.  There is lots to see and read. I enjoy history, so took my time to check out each of the displays.  I suspect 1h would be enough for most people.  Museum hours and information can be found at www.museum.ky  If you are in George Town on a rainy day this could also be a welcome pause from the rain. Entry fee is very reasonable.

On the “outside” front, it is Mango season in the Cayman Islands.  I raided a friends tree – sooooo good. They taste nothing like the ones you buy at the grocery stores in Canada/US.  Its almost like eating candy 🙂

IMG-20150517-00338 IMG-20150518-00359

Hurricane season starts June 1st – fingers crossed that we have nothing, just like the last few years. Nothing since 2008 so fingers crossed.