October 2007

That tropical depression I mentionned in my previous post is now Tropical storm Noel.  Thats the bad news. The good news is that it has turned north instead of keeping on west towards Cayman.

Tomorrow I am heading to Miami for two days. Its of course a client visit, but also one evening of shopping.  Julie has a whole list of stuff for me although not as much has usual since we did buy lots when we were in Quebec.  A co-worker of mine also asked me to get a digital camera for her.  It seems that the word is getting out that I know my stuff when it comes to electronics. 🙂

 Here is Noel, looks like he is going to visit Fidel’s island. Good luck to them.  From the reports I have read, Noel seems to be dropping LOTS of rain wherever he has gone.

 Have a nice week everyone.  Please dont be shy to leave comments.


Just as I was mentioning in my last post that hurricane season was pretty much over, looks like we may get some foul weather afterall.  🙁

Officially, its not even a tropical storm yet, but it could very well become one.  In any case, we may get some very heavy rain Sunday/Monday.  I am supposed to fly to Miami Monday AM ; looks like that may be put on hold.  Stay tuned.


Hi everyone,

Not much to report lately expect that all is well.  Hurricane season ends Nov. 30th, but according to everyone here, after mid-october its pretty much over. Many people have taken down their shutters (most, like us,  did not take them down after Dean in August) and we will probably do so quite soon.

 Tourist season is definately heating up ; many more tourists on the beach and more cruise ships in port.  As for the weather : Beautiful.  We must admit that July & August were quite tough.  It was very hot & humid.   However, now the evenings are great and the days are not as hot, although still very warm.  If November and December can be as nice as January-May as when we got here in early 2007, we are in for a nice few months.

 On the office front, still very busy and some travels to NY, Turks & Caicos and of course Miami coming up soon. I also got an office with a window now.

 Here is the view.  I am on the 2nd floor so no crazy views.  However, you can see the government house on the left.  You can also see some of the Georgetown buildings behind the trees.   The sea is just beyond them, less than a 10 minute walk.  On the second picture, from my window I can often see Caymans famous “bush chickens” that just roam around, eat and reproduce!



Still on the subject of animals … Niko, one of the neighborhood dogs.  He is almost all the time at our house now.  He just lies outside the door waiting for Julie to come and see him.  He even dug himself a small bed in the plants to stay cool.  See picture below.


Now when Julie goes for a walk to the supermarket, Niko follows!  He even goes thru the first set of doors (there are two sets of sliding doors) at the supermarket and waits there patiently for Julie to finish.  When she walks out, Niko follows her all the way back home.  Its quite a cute scene I must admit. He is a very gentle dog ; would be tough not to like him.  Here is a final picture.  Nothing in particular, but its a picture I took of Aipa recently.  I really like this picture.


I recently lauched a new offsite backup service.  Its something that already exists on the island to which we have given it a different spin.  Basically people make their data backups, we pick them up with our van, then store them securely and return the data tapes on a rotation basis.  Its simple, but something that many companies need.

Here is the pree release we had in the paper.  Just above the picture is the press release text ; click on the link to read the press release.