January 2012

Every hero’s day (that was today – a public holiday), the Turtle farm has a family day with a lovely discount on the entry fee.  We had not been in a while, so it seemed like a great opportunity to enjoy one of our lovely attractions. Here is the view of the main turtle pool.  The turtles here are simply massive and quite impressive beasts.

First off, the petting zoo.  Here you can pick up small (some up to +-10lbs – my estimate. This one maybe 4-5 at most) turtles and pet them.   They are obviously used to it and take it very well. After 30 seconds or so they want back in the water though and start flapping like mad ; that’s your queue to put them gently back in the tank and pick up another one if you want to pet them some more.

Since it was a “special day”, some guy was walking around with a small iguana. Of course I asked to handle him/her.

No visit would be complete without seeing the sharks in the main pool area.   I remember when they got these, they were quite small.  Some of them are really big now.  This one was swimming around “à la Jaws” with his dorsal fin sticking out of the water. Lots of people around today ; showoff!

Here is Smiley, the resident salt water croc.   This croc was found on the North Side of Grand Cayman by some tourists in 2006.  Yikes, that will spoil your Sunday morning stroll on the beach.  Long story short, they captured him and took him to the Turtle farm to figure out what to do. After DNA testing, it turns out that Smiley is a hybrid of two types of crocodiles.  Releasing back to the wild a hybrid is apparently not supposed to be done (or so I read), so he is now a permanent resident.  Has his own pen, two pools and certainly plenty of food.

Here he is smiling for us!

Another smiling face was at the Turtle farm on this awesome afternoon; our Premier, the Hon. McKeeva Bush. I find is great to be able to see and get close to political leaders. I guess this is only possible in a small country.  There were of course no bodyguards.

In the aviary, one of my personal favorites.   This lovely Cayman Parrot takes a nap after most certainly entertaining numerous people that passed before us on this day.

Finally, the under appreciated nature walk.  Its only a few minutes stroll, but very nice and peaceful.

Great day at the Turtle farm.  Bravo to the organizers of this “family day”.   Seems to have been a great turnout and we certainly had a great time.


First of all ; happy new year everyone!

Now, a new oddity has appeared in Cayman and is totally fascinating me. Why, I am not really sure, but my guess is since I love animals so much. This story is also a bit sad.

To start with this tale: One thing I noticed soon after arriving in Cayman was that there are no Pelicans.  There are plenty in Florida and other islands I have been to, but have never seen any here.  I am not saying there are none at all, but I certainly have not seen any … that is … until now.

It all started not long before Christmas when I first noticed this fellow.  This is pretty much how I saw him while driving back from work one afternoon.  (if you don’t see him … he is on top of the lamp post)  For those wondering where this is, this is along the new-ish bypass in Prospect, directly in front of the Lantern Point condos.

This is the kicker : he is ALWAYS there in the morning after sunrise and in late afternoon before sunset.  By always there, I mean on the exact same lamp post  (the 3rd post from the nearest roundabout) and on the same side (east bound side) as you can see him (or her) on the picture above. It is like that, day in, day out!

Here are some better pictures of this follow

Where I feel a bit sorry for this bird is that I have yet to see another pelican.  Its solo time, all the time.  Cant be any fun.   That being said, obviously not much competition for fish when meal time comes around.  Maybe someone could find a way to teach him to eat lionfish! 🙂

Anyway, I wonder if anyone at the Dept of Environment has inquired about this solitary bird.   Ill post more if I know more. If anyone reading knows something, please let me know via email (link on top-right of this page) or by leaving a comment in this post.