One again this year, I ran the Halloween 10-10-10 relay race.  There is something about running in the East End, a place close to my heart that really pleases me.   Maybe its the great scenery, maybe the lack of cars on the road on a Sunday morning, it could the camaraderie of doing a relay race or maybe its simply that the runners that make it out east, at the crack of dawn on Sunday are all running enthusiasts who love the sport.   Whatever it is, this race is one I will definitely run every year!

In the first two years of this run, I did legs 2 and then 1.  This year I did the 3rd and what I think is the toughest leg.  The reason its the toughest is that the sun is up and you are running face to it and the wind usually is also in your face.  We had both of those this morning! 🙂  The good part about the 3rd leg is that its the last one and you do not have to wait around for your teammates to finish the race.  One interesting thing I noted is that there are a few slopes/hills in the road around the eastern part of the island .. who knew!  I thought it was perfectly flat.

Alright … here I am in action!  Thumbs up, so all is going well.  Probably 1/2 done here.  Legs seem kind of white, I need to get outside more.



After the finish with my teammates Gautam & Dan … two other Canadians.  Its no wonder why we called our team the “KPMG Canucks”. Great race guys … it was a pleasure to have you as teammates. Dan (guy on the right) ran the full Chicago Marathon just 2-weeks ago, so I am quite impressed that he is already back running races so soon after running 42km.

Thumbs up … we did not win any prizes but our team did very well in the overall standings.



So here is the path I ran. Starting at the bottom part and essentially running the entire eastern point of the island.  My two buddies ran the other part of the loop which started at the red marker and went towards the left, down the road the crosses the island and back along the coast towards the start/finish line.



Oh, although we did not win any competitive prizes, I did win one of the random prizes … 2-nights at The Reef Resort, which sponsors the race and where the start/finish line is.   Sweet!  A week-end with Julie sometime in the East End. 🙂

Here is the spot!