September 2007

Julie & I took a 3-week vacation to Quebec.   What better place to be in September.  Its still quite warm, the scenery changes daily as the leafs change color, the air is crisp in the morning, etc.

We stayed at a lakeside cabin about 1h15m drive from Montreal.  It was just close enough to be able to go to town 1-2 times a week and also to invite people for a BBQ on week-ends.  All in all, we had a great time.  We were able to see our families & friends. I even had lunch with my former co-workers.  I also had time to quench Big-Mac, Marathon Souvlaki & Tim Horton’ cravings.

Below are a few pictures of the vacation.

A picture with my niece and nephew!  We visited a few farms on a “farm open house day” that is organized each year where you can visit hundreds of farms province wide. Its great fun … seriously!


The view from our cabin at sunset.  Its not 7-mile beach but quite nice also 🙂


A flock of Geese stopped by for a rest during their southbound migration


The fishing did not go too well!  That was one very small Bass.


Typical Quebec countryside picture.  Gorgeous!


I just published another article.  This time it is about the importance of data backups.  I find it really great to be able to have the opportunity to write these articles; makes me do research for statistics/facts and definately improved my writing skills with all the proof reading, corrections, etc.  Julie helped me a lot also by being an excellent critique.

Below is what it looked like in the paper.   Also, click on the link below to be able to read my article.



Note : we are on vacation in canada.  I will probably not make any posts for the next 2 weeks.  Lets hope no hurricane rolls thru cayman during that time (or anytime come to think of it …)

I though this was nice ; I became a member of this CRV owners club on the web.  After posting a few pictures of our car on the seaside, the owner of the site asked if he could use my pictures on the main page of the club’s web site. 

See below for the results!  Not bad eh?


This morning, as Felix was upgraded to a Category 3 storm & a Tropical storm watch was issued for Grand Cayman, Julie and I were thinking  : Great!!!! (In a bad way)  Two hurricanes in two weeks would be a bit much 🙁

 Its now sunday evening, Felix has been upgraded to a Category 5 storm (the strongest …) but it is expected to pass over 200 miles south of the island, which is more than enough.  Forecasts call for heavy rain starting monday PM, but not much more. I hope that the people in Belize, Honduras & Guatemala are preparing … its probably not going to be pretty.

 Here is the latest forcast of the path.  As you can see, Cayman is in Yellow since a warning was issued.