May 2012

Last week, in the space of 48h, Grand Cayman received 12 inches ( inches …) of rain.   That is quite an epic amount of rain in such a small period of time.  Needless to say there is water everywhere.

To give you an idea, here is the end of the runway (no danger to planes …)  Where normally there is only a few very small ponds, there is now a very large lake!  The first picture below is the state after the rain.  The second one is the satellite view of what we normally have.



That being said, all the long time residents were surprised by the quantity of water so early in the “season”.  Rain like this would usually be associated with a tropical storm or the likes.   This weekend is gorgeous, so at least we got the rain during the work week.

Finally.  The storm “Alberto” died out at sea.  However, right behind that storm we now have “Beryl” which is as I type this a Tropical Storm and hitting the coast of northern Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.  Quite a start to the 2012 active hurricane season, that is officially not ever started.

I also added a link (top right) to James Grandage’s blog which is similar in nature to mine.  He posts some interesting stuff so invite you to take a look.

Reminds me of the shampoo commercial for when I was a kid! 🙂

A system is active north of Cayman, and not on course with us at all.  Its Tropical storm Alberto.  Interestingly, Hurricane season only starts June 1st and we usually don’t see much (if any) action until August.

I guess what this makes us think is that it will be an active season.  Lets hope not.  We must however note that the last 3 summers we have had 0 storms in Cayman! Last one was Paloma in 2008.

More posts soon.  The Flowers Sea swim is coming up soon … cant wait for that one.