A recent government decision has left many locals and tourists alike scratching their heads!

In a recent legislative assembly decision, the leader of the Government, Mr. Bob S. Bodden tabled a motion to render many of Cayman beaches inaccessible  to snorkelers.  This is due to recent damage to coral reefs, notably by a Cruise ship and also by a luxury yacht.  It is believed that further damage can be avoided by limiting snorkeling activity at some of the main snorkeling areas.

Signs were quickly put up.  Here we can see one at Eden Rock.  When I went, the notice did seem to get little respect since there were plenty of people snorkeling.  As of right now, I am told that people will get a warning, no fines are being issued in the first weeks.  Fines will be in the 50 Cayman Pesos range for the first offence.


Here is the sign at Spotts beach – my favorite spot to snorkel with the turtles.


So there you have it!  But there is some good news from all of this.   There is an extraordinary legislative assembly hearing soon.  The opposition party, the Republican-Socialists Party aim to have this overturned.

We should find out if they are successful no later than on April Fools day 🙂