Well … Hurricane season is certainly in full swing.  But the good news is that nothing has even come close to the Cayman Islands so far.

Currently there are 3 systems in the Caribbean and Atlantic.  I am sure there are more to come. Of the three below, none are planned to come near us.  In fact, of the three below, none are heading for landfall, which is even better.

For those “keeping score”, we have not had a close tropical storm/hurricane since 2008.  That is certainly a record of some sort?



Note the warm water colors above.  Red is obviously hot.  Today I went for a dive off Seven Mile Beach.  Water was 86 degrees (WOW!)  Needless to say not wet-suit needed.  However, warm water = bigger storms which is not good. The rest of the season, especially till the end of October we will have to stay on alert.

During our surface stop between the two dives, this large turtle swam around our boat for 10-12 minutes.  A lovely sight.



More posts soon 🙂