About a year ago, I went fishing with guys in my team from the office.  This year, for our group activity, we decided to … go fishing again! YAY.  Last year we had a whale of a time (pun intended) so we decided we had to go again.

Brilliant day to be on the ocean.  Fairly calm and of course nice and sunny.


Here is what was used to catch the fish.  A large hook, some “decoration” and a sort of fish used at bait.  There are about 5 lines out in the water behind the moving boat.  Most are following behind I estimate at 400-500ft back ; so not too close to the boat.

We actually snagged a Marlin at one point … it jumped twice but got unhooked.  The Captain estimated that it was +-150lbs in size.  Would have been great to see it up close. Oh well, that’s fishing.


At one point we came upon a floating piece of foam with some netting.  Turns out it was the “home” of many, many fish.  There were numerous fish swimming around it.  It was its own ecosystem.  Quite amazing actually.  Anyway, with small fish come larger fish.  There were a whole bunch of “Triple Tails” hanging around.  We managed to get 3 of them.  They look like (see pictures below – the brownish colored fish) a cross between a Bass and a Crappie if you ask me.  Taste delicious!


Here i am reeling in one of the Triple Tails.


The catch so far.  A mix of Tuna, Triple Tail and Mahi Mahi.  Cool picture taken by the captain from the up top wheel house.


The total catch of the day.  Fairly successful I must say.


Last team picture after a full day (7am to just after 3pm) at sea.  Lots of fun. Once again we went with Slackem Charters (www.slackem.com).  A great bunch; we had lots of fun.  I highly recommend them for Deep sea fishing.


Last year our captain took us out of the North Sound and along the North Side and beyond East End (up and right)  This year we went West, all the way out to “12 Mile Banks”.  So 12-miles out, almost straight out from Seven Mile beach there is a another Cayman Island.  In fact another Cayman Island that did not make it to the surface millions of years ago when the islands were formed.  The ocean goes from 3000-6000 ft deep to just over 100ft deep. That place is now called 12-Mile banks and is a fishing favorite.  Not many boats around and plenty of fish.


Another successful day on the ocean.  Cant wait to go again, maybe next year 🙂

If you are in Cayman and want to do something really fun, cant go wrong with this type of activity.  You can also book 1/2 days.