So I had a friend who was on island and only had a very short time.  He had no car and really only 4 full days ; one being with me.  So this post would be for people who only have a very short time on Grand Cayman.

Day 1: Recuperate from travel 🙂

Day 2: He went to town (one can check out the duty free stuff & tourist merchandise),  Seven Mile beach & Camana Bay. No brainer

Day 3: I had him go to Stingray City.  Easy peasy and a no brainer!

Once those are checked off, there is really one last piece of the puzzle for a short trip to Grand Cayman : Go east young man! 🙂

Ok … here we go and with pictures for most of the places of course.

So leaving town, we took South Church Street and essentially kept the water to our right the entire time. We slowed down at Smith Cove, but did not stop. It’s a great beach but time did not permit!

Now … much more east. A stop at the Blowholes just before East End village. Today there were good size waves and we got a good show.


Next up; the wreck on the Ten Sails and a nice view due east of the island and of the far away reef.


After a quick stop at the small strip mall at east end (near Reef Resort – there is a small Fosters grocery, quite convenient for water and snacks) we headed to one of my favorite secluded beaches.  Here, assuming the ocean is calm, you get great snorkeling and also have underwater cold/sulfur vents ; quite neat to see.  I made a post about this place a while ago … if you missed it here it is.   On a sunny & calm day, this place is really pretty.


Now for lunch.  We stopped at “Over the edge” which is on the north side on the way to Rum Point.  I found the food to be very good and prices quite affordable.  As you can see the view was great (we sat inside though … at this point we were getting more than our fair share of sunshine)


Next stop … Starfish Point.   Awesome place to see starfish.  Remember, don’t take them out of the water.  If you do, no more than a few seconds.  If you do, the water will seep out of them and they will then float and die, which we obviously don’t want.  Just holding gently them underwater is quite fun anyway.


Rum Point … does this place really need an introduction? 🙂 After hundreds of times here I never get tired of this place.


And finally, on this whirlwind day, a stop at the Queen Elizabeth Botanical garden to see the Blue Iguanas.   Such awesome creatures … they really are like dinosaurs.  We saw two while on the path (one of them using the bench as below) and one (second below) was right in the parking lot while we were leaving.  Here is my friend getting some up close and personal pictures of this lovely fellow.



We actually did a final stop after ; a snorkel at Spotts Beach ; a place I have snorkeled many times and which was featured here a few times.  We saw many turtles and even a few stingrays.

All-in-all this was an awesome day.  Here is the route we took and back (he was staying in West Bay and I picked him up in town)  We kept the water to our right and on the way back to town took the road that crosses the island.  This was a lot of fun but I was quite beat afterwards! 🙂