April 2012

Well .. not sure what to make of this news, but I found it amusing and also revealing at the same time.

Today’s front page news is a piece of an Ariane rocket that was launched in Guyana and that washed up in Bodden Town a few days ago.    How cool is that?

Photo: Elly Wray (on Caycompass.com)

Here is the full article.


What I found to be revealing is that this made 1st page in the local paper today.   Things must be pretty good for this to be the headline. At least that’s my take on it.  Next time I am out diving on the southern side of the island, I sure hope to find some space memorabilia!

In continuing with the “slow news day” theme … it has been really quiet here.   Lots of rain recently though, good for the grass and people with cisterns.  I also had a visitor to my office … this fellow stayed for a long while on my window sill.  Not afraid at all ; my camera was mere inches away (separate by hurricane glass of course)

That’s it for now … all is well in the Cayman Islands.   People are starting to think (already) about hurricane season, which officially starts in just over 1-month.


All of you know I love to dive.  Well I am now ecstatic about a new attraction coming to Cayman.

Starting today, a dive operator just off Seven Mile beach will be offering shark dives.  In fact, just off the public beach and hotels, there have been many very large sharks sites, so that seems to have sparked the idea.

What they will do is attract them in close and let the divers go in and see them up close. During some dives, a few compelling pictures were taken with 16-ft bull shark.   Large tiger sharks were also spotted in the Seven Mile beach area.

Of course this has generated lots of excitement in the diving community.   Dives cost 40$ per dive and include the blood and guts that are fed to the sharks to attract as many as possible.

I cant wait to go diving with these massive sharks … next April fools day 🙂

PS : I have actually never seen any “real” sharks near Seven Mile beach (the below whale shark does not count).