March 2012

A while ago I posted about a solitary pelican that could be seen on a lamp pole along the road in Prospect.

Here is that post:

In today’s paper was an article that made me very sad. I try to keep this blog upbeat, since its in my nature, but when things happen to animals it really gets to me.

So it turns out that this lovely bird was likely killed by some fishermen by being beaten with oars.   The bird was taken to the vet but had to be euthanized 🙁

If anyone has any information, there is a  number in the article (see link) that can be called to report these cruel people.

“According to the Department of Environment, it was likely this pelican was the same one people commuting from Prospect had been seeing in recent months, perched on top of a CUC pole in the central road reservation.”

That is all …


Last saturday, a group of divers just off Seven Mile Beach had the experience of a lifetime.  Unfortunately I was not with them though, so this is all second hand information.

Although they have the name “shark”, they are much more “whale” if you ask me.   They eat plankton and are known to be extremely docile.  This particular specimen is estimated to be about 35ft long and stayed for a long while with the divers.  As you can see the divers in these pictures got very close and seem to even have been able to pet this gentle giant.  It must have been quite a sight.



I can only hope to see one someday ; they seem to be quite rare, but I think this is the second time I hear about a sighting off Seven Mile Beach.    From what I read, they can live an impressive 70 years! Amazing.

Pics taken from :

Edit: There seems to be some discussion about the divers touching this amazing animal.   I cant presume to be an expert on this matter.   You can read more at :

No this is not a rant about someone who cut me off while driving to work or something.

It is about having picked up some food at a place I have been telling myself for the longest time I have to stop and check out.   This place is the jerk chicken stand in Grand Harbor.  Its quite easy to spot when driving eastbound anytime after 4:30pm on weekdays ; there is a massive smoke cloud that comes out of the place.   For those less familiar with the island, if you drive toward the east of the island, at one point you have to pass the roundabout with Hurley’s grocery.  The spot is on the left, less that 1km  further (+-1/2 mile)  If you take just a quick glance you may think something or someones car is on fire.

Here is the spot.  See what I mean by “massive smoke”?

I wonder if Cayman has signed the Kyoto protocol for green house gasses? 🙂

Lots of food being cooked.  if you noticed in the 1st picture all the cars parked, well it was for this place.   When I placed my order, I was totally clueless so the guy with a thick Jamaican accent said he would prepare me a sampler of both chicken and pork jerk.   The place was kind of crazy with more people stopping ever few seconds, so I just went with the flow and agreed to his suggestion.

Here is the product, moments before it gets chopped up with that big cleaver.   Chop, chop, chop … all in small bits in just a few seconds ; real pros!  I would have totally lost a few fingers had I tried to do that at the speed it was done.

The final product and 12CI later … enough food for about 2  or 3 people.  The stuff on the left are “Festival”. Its essentially dough, sugar and deep fried.  Wow … talk about unhealthy, yet so tasty!

That was awesome … now I need to get on the treadmill to work off all those calories and prep for the 5km run on St. Patty’s day!