May 2007

Once again this week I had an article in the paper.  This time it was the “Cayman Observer”, a weekly paper that comes out on fridays. I was asked to write an article in a “Technologies & telecom” section.  I was free to choose pretty much any subject that I felt was relevant to companies in Cayman.

Below is what the article looked like ; I was given the whole page. 

Click on the link below if you would like to read my whole article.





On a final note, we will be getting the CRV … finally.  It should be here in the first week of July.  It will be on the boat on the 31st of may on this odd looking boat, the Hoegh Detroit.



It leave Kobe Japan on the 31st and will drop the car off in Kingston Jamaica the 22nd on June.  The car will then take another boat to Cayman within a few days.  Lets hope it all works out.  

(note : I made a post yesterday also.  See below)

This morning it was not raining so we decided to head out to the beach with Aipa.  We stayed about 1h at the beach and then a large black cloud rolled in and had us racing back to the car.  We are still putting on Aipa’s life vest since Julie & I really like just “floating around” in the water.  When in the water, Aipa feels the need to paddle at all times, so we are trying to teach her just to let herself float with us when she has her vest.  We still have some work to do!  On the 3rd picture is the boat of PGA star Tiger Woods.  This is the 3rd time I see his boat.  He is a frequent visitor to the island.  Supposedly his wife is an avid diver which would explain why they like it here.


Julie floating around with one of those giant foam noodles.


Tiger Woods yatch, the “Privacy”.  Its a 155ft long … its huge!  But he was a good 300-400 yards out. 



I was in Miami sunday to monday in a conference.  Great place, great conference and great … food 🙂 

Back in Cayman, it has been raining a lot recently. Julie told me it rained a few times while I was gone, and now its saturday and it had been raining for two hours or so.  When it rains here, it really comes down hard.  Low lying areas get large pools of water and sometime its tough to pass with the car. Speaking of car, we still dont have the CRV ; best estimated it will be here in the second half of June.   My patience is wearing thin 🙁  Outside our house large pools of water form in some areas, but nothing to worry about.  During hurricane Ivan in 2004, the house we rented had some flooding, but came out of it en reasonably good shape.  It was a category 5 hurricane afterall!

Here are some pictures I took a few minutes ago while it was raining.  You can see that my driveway has a few centimeters of water in quite a few places.






I was asked to write a series of articles for a local paper.  The first one came out today.  I made page 4 out of 32.  Not bad at all once again. I guess the local media like IT security stuff 🙂  I am very pleased how this came out.  Also, on the same day, a second newpaper ran the press release we made last week.  Great timining!  I love the title “Mr. Schumann …” in bold an everything!

 Here is what the looked like in the paper! 🙂


Click on the link for the PDF version of my article “are you exposed to hackers”