I got lots of emails about the mosquito plane that i filmed at night a few weeks ago.  Before going home today I went for the final two dives for the open water diver certification.  All done and passed the exam! 🙂 I really enjoy diving ; very relaxing.

Upon returning home, I noticed that the mosquito plane was out and was “buzzing” by our house repeatedly. So with my digicam I went outside and he passed again a few moments after. He is passing again right now as I type this! I assume its some sort of training or a massive mosquito that just wont die.

On another note, a lovely couple that I met earlier this week has started to build a new house in the vacant next to ours.  As you will see from the pictures below, the base of the house is very different from what I have seen in Canada.  Remember, there are no basements here, so they dont need to go deep.

First, they dug a trench that is about 12-18 inches deep at most and then put in steel rods.  In a few days they will pour concrete to make the initial foundation.  Nothing is poured outside of that trench.

Once the concrete is in place, these concrete blocks (see below) will be “threaded” into the steel bars ; from what I have seen in other constructions there will be 3-4 high.  Then inside those blocks they will fill with compacted earth and cover with more poured concrete to make the floor and complete the foundation. After that they will start to make the interior/exterior walls with more concrete blocks.

Nothing on the weather front … nada!  The Atlantic is very calm.  Great news if you ask anyone living in the Caribbean.