One of the favorite races, outside of the Cayman Islands Marathon, is the “Cross Island relay”.  I ran this race a few years ago in a team with Julie.  Had not been in it since … until this year.

This time around I ran with a bunch of guys from the office.

Of course we all have to be a bit nuts to get up and run on a Sunday morning where it would be much easier to simply stay in bed.

The concept of the race … wait for it … is to run across the island 🙂  Thus, we are 6 runners per team and we each run 4 miles (a bit over 6km).  The race starts in the East End at 6am and finished at Smith Cove in South Sound.

Here I am passing the baton  to my teammate.  I ran leg 4 of 6.


The finish line at Smith Cove.   This year there were a lot of teams.  Sure is a popular event now.  There were 95 teams entered into the race this year.  We came in at a very respectable 11th place overall and 4th corporate team.


The prizes for the winners!  Note the dark cloud on the back.  Just before the end of the awards ceremony, it started to pour down. I am very glad it did not rain during the run. Running in wet running shoes is no fun at all.


The teammates – well 2 of them anyway. We took this picture in quite a haste, seconds before the massive rain started falling.  One South African, one Aussie and a Canadian.  This is definitely the Cayman Islands – a big mix of nationalities which is awesome.