We felt it was worth going back in time and make a post about our drive to Miami from Montreal.  Seriously, we really enjoyed it, even though the 1st day was quite complicated.

 We left Brossard around 7am on the 18th and headed to the Lacolle border crossing into NY State.  My dad was driving us that morning & my mom came with him for final goodbye’s and to pick up her car.  She had lent us her Civic for 2 weeks since our Car was sold. We felt like teenagers borrowing our parents car. 🙂 Thanks so much Mom. On the road :  1st stop : US Fish & Wildlife department.  He needed to give us a form for our bird.  It was a rubberstamping ; he did not even ask to see the bird!  Doh.  Now, we had to go BACK to Canada since the US Vet who had to inspect the bird was not at Lacolle, but in Highgate Springs Vermont. They would not let us travel via the USA ; we had to go back to Canada and then to Vermont.  Once at Highgate Springs, we waited a good 45 mins to see the vet.  Then it was our turn.  It took at least 30-35 mins to get the paper work.  During this time, our 40 grams Lovebird was holding up 4 big trucks filled with Cattle.  We thought it was funny ; the drivers of the trucks were not really amused that a Peach faced Lovebird was holding them up.

 Once customs cleared, back to Interstate 87 in NY State.  My dad  (thanks SOOOO much PA; we really appreciated it)  drove us to Albany where we had reserved a rental minivan. It was way cheaper to rent from Albany than to rent in Montreal.  We were really pleased with the Minivan we got ; it was a Saturn Relay (same as Pontiac Montana) with all the bells & whistels such as leather seats, DVD, dual climate, heated seats, etc.  We also took the optional GPS unit.  GREAT Move.  We did not look at a map the whole time.  I highly recommend this option if you ever do a long drive.

The 1st night we slept about 45 minutes outside NY City.  The second day we passed all the major cities ; NY, Baltimore, Philly & Washington.  The second night we slept in Virginia, just before the state of N. Carolina. The 3rd day was really easy sailing ; the Carolina’s & Georgia.  Nice highway & light traffic.  We slept in southern Georgia, 10 minutes from Florida.  The last day we basically had to get to Miami and cross the wholeof Florida ; our hotel was right next to the airport. Total KM : 2371km + the 300 or so KM from Montreal to Albany. The next afternoon (the 22nd), we flew to Grand Cayman on Cayman Airways.  It was only a 55 minute flight.

Bijou was in the plane with us. Birds are really meant to fly… he seamed as confortable as he is inside our house. Aipa had taken 2 sleeping pills, she was not asleep but a litte bit drowsy. Anyway, she didn’t break the cage and was fine when she came out of the carrousel. It was funny to see her come out with the other luggage.

Our last family supper at Brossard with Julie’s parents & sister. Note that we are all at the kitchen island ; there were no more tables in the house. Julie’s parents took care of many things in the house once we were gone and spent at least 2 days on site cleaning the house, calling Hydro-Quebec, etc. MANY thanks to Julie’s parents for all their help.



Here are some pictures of our road trip.

Aipa comfortably seated in her leather captains chair.


Bijou also ; with the seatbelt. 🙂


Julie in front of one of the hotels.  With all our luggage & pets, we always asked for a room at ground level and with easy access. We would park right in front of our door.


The Garmin GPS unit. Amazing! “In 200 yards, turn right”


The Saturn Relay Minivan.  We had flawless performance and it was a big part of why our roadtrip was enjoyable and comfortable.