Last saturday, a group of divers just off Seven Mile Beach had the experience of a lifetime.  Unfortunately I was not with them though, so this is all second hand information.

Although they have the name “shark”, they are much more “whale” if you ask me.   They eat plankton and are known to be extremely docile.  This particular specimen is estimated to be about 35ft long and stayed for a long while with the divers.  As you can see the divers in these pictures got very close and seem to even have been able to pet this gentle giant.  It must have been quite a sight.



I can only hope to see one someday ; they seem to be quite rare, but I think this is the second time I hear about a sighting off Seven Mile Beach.    From what I read, they can live an impressive 70 years! Amazing.

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Edit: There seems to be some discussion about the divers touching this amazing animal.   I cant presume to be an expert on this matter.   You can read more at :