Well, Irene decided to take a northern turn upon entering the Caribbean.  Good for Cayman, very bad for my friends in the Turks & Caicos Islands and in the Bahamas. As of writing,  Irene is a Category-2 storm and is forecasted to grow to a 3 and maybe even a 4, effectively becoming what is know as a “Major Hurricane” (a hurricane Category 3 or above).

I have been exchanging BBM’s (Blackberry messages) with friends in Turks (on the Island of Providenciales) and although the storm is not yet upon them (will be sometime tonight) winds are already very strong and howling.   Not looking great.  The Bahamas are in preparation mode and expect to feel it sometime on Wednesday and Thursday as the storm works its way north towards the US coastline. Note the red zones below ; they are all under “hurricane warning”, which means that impact is almost certain.