I am always amazed at the quantity of nice cars in Grand Cayman.  Most places in the Caribbean you often have a mix of old, rusted and “bumper missing” cars.

Not the case in Grand Cayman! Off the top of my head, we have Porsche, Mercedes, Audi & BMW dealers for luxury cars.   You have to admit, for +-52,000 people, thats quite impressive.

The love affair with cars goes even further, as this sign is a witness to:

So what’s this sign you ask?  I saw this in the parking lot of A.L. Thompson, our local equivalent of Home Depot. Strange don’t you think? It turns out that locals LOVE to wash their cars.  I have often seen people washing (and doing maintenance on) their cars in random parking lots and even over lunch breaks.  There are also quite a few car wash facilities scattered around the island. There are also many “mobile” car washing services. Essentially two guys in a van with a reservoir of water and cleaning products. They will wash your car in the parking lot of your office (for example) and when you finish work you arrive to a nice & clean car.

Speaking of cars and hot days as I have in recent posts, some kitty cat was looking for a cool place to rest a few days ago. This is what I saw as I was walking back towards my CRV a few days back ; a kitty cat fast asleep in the shade.  It was only when I got really close did s/he see me and ran away.