Happy new year everyone.  All the best for 2007.  Now with the new year, we need to do some really detailed planning.  Today, I did 3 critical things. 1) Booked our plane trip from Miami to Grand Cayman. 2) Booked a car rental from Albany, New York to Miami, Florida 3) Booked hotels along the way down on Interstates 87 & 95.

Flight from Miami?  Car in Albany?  I figured you would wonder what that is. Well, turns out that flying with pets (yeah, those guys again) is not simple.  Either the dog cage is too big, the weather is too cold in the cargo hold or some airlines dont take any pets at all.

So the only workable solution we found for january was to have someone drive us to Albany NY, pick up a rental car there since renting a car in Canada & dropping it off in Miami was not practical, and then drive all the way to Miami airport.  We plan to stop in lower NY state, Virginia (Near North Carolina), Georgia (near Florida lines) and then in Miami.  The flight is the next afternoon.  That gives us enough buffer time in case we have car troubles, snow storm or whatever. I am actually looking forward to driving down. It will remind me of when I was a kid & my folks drove the whole family to Naples Florida.

Should get news for the homes very soon.  Stay tuned!