Divers and snorkelers like myself are in for a treat! Those that will be traveling to the island at the end of July are in for an even bigger treat.

On July 27th, the USS Kittiwake will be sunk off Seven Mile Beach.  Here she is:

Ok, some explanations!

The USS Kittiwake is a retired 251ft long US navy ship (in service from 1964-1994) that was purchased by a Cayman Islands group.  This was over a year ago.  Since then, the boat has been cleaned, wiring removed, etc. It will be scuttled in about 60ft of water so to make an awesome scuba & snorkel site as well as being an artificial reef for all kinds of marine life.

If all goes to schedule, the boat will arrive in Cayman about 1-week before.  On the 26th there will even be a public viewing and visit at the dock. The 27th the boat will be sunk with some sort of explosives I would guess. Should be a good show for those on Seven Mile Beach.

Edit: Thanks to Lee, reader of my blog, “Sea water will be “piped” into the hull and it will eventually sink on its own” according to an article in the local paper that I obviously missed!  Thanks Lee. 🙂

Diving will start on the 29th! I will be off island so will miss all of this fun.  But, will dive this site for sure not too long after 🙂

More recent news … that potential storm I mentioned in my previous post … is just that, a potential storm.  Essentially lots of rain Thursday & Friday but most likely not much else.  Good news! It is however an early in the season to already be monitoring these things.