Summer weather is in full swing in beautiful Grand Cayman Island. The sun is blazing, the water is uber warm ( I recorded 87 degrees on my second dive just south of the island this morning) and the fruit is ripe.

Here are a sample of local fruit that I saw recently. Lucky me, most of these trees/fruit are close to where we live and have access to them 🙂

Banana’s!  These are actually called “apple banana’s”.  They are about 1/2 to 2/3 the length  of regular bananas and a bit more stubby.  Taste wise, I find them 100x better. In my opinion they are a cross between banana and granny smith apples.

Bread fruit. These strange green things are the size of large grapefruits and you can see them all over the island. There are even some of these trees in George Town.  The way to eat these is quite peculiar. You slice them up in to the shape if french fries and then deep fry them.   They come out just like … you guess it, french fries. Quite frankly tastes just like them too.  I am sure there are other ways to eat this fruit, but have not identified any as of yet.  Uncooked it does not taste very good.

Mango.   The star of this list in my opinion. After hurricane Ivan, lots of people lost their mango trees or had them severely damaged. Well, 6 years later those that survived are producing lots of fruit now. Right now the trees are bursting with fruit and the are very sweet.  Mango overdose anyone? I have had 3 so far today.

The tree above has the “regular” mango’s like you find in most supermarkets.  The tree below has mango’s that are are bit bigger; I put them side by side to show the size difference. No idea what they are called, but in all honesty, with they way the taste, who cares?

To close, here is a property I had forgotten about.  It was built about 2 years ago and is on the southern coast, just after Frank Sound Rd on your way to the east end. This is probably a great house to be in if a hurricane comes by. It was made with poured concrete. In any case, I find it quite pretty even though I am usually not a fan of angular homes.

For anyone thinking about a trip to Cayman, here was my view from the front of the dive boat this morning. Amazing 🙂