When Julie & I were in Canada a few weeks ago, we went to the wedding a childhood friend of mine and I was one on the best men 🙂

Well, fast forward 10 days and my buddy was getting off a cruise ship for the day with his new bride Caroline!  Only a few hours in Cayman, where to take them?  Such an easy question to answer : Stingray City.

Here is my friend Pascal ; obviously enjoying the boat ride.

His wife Caroline (left) and my wife Julie! Lucky guys we are! 🙂

In the water at Stingray City.  Notice that I am gently holding a very large stingray. After so many visits, I have gotten quite good at handling them.  They are so gentle ; you just let them float on your arms, making sure they are always in the water.  This one stayed a good 5-7 minutes with me.  Considering all the rain we have had recently, we were really lucky to have such great weather.

Not a great sunset, but great colors on Seven Mile beach.

Today from my office!  It basically rained all day.  There is a tropical depression in Central America ; we are getting a small part of it.

Lots of guests coming up in the next few months!  Stay tuned.   Also, hurricane season is almost over ; our hurrican shutters are 2/3 down.  Many homes still have them up, on an almost daily basis you can see them coming down from house to house. Oh … and its getting cooler!  YAY.   Compared to the steamy months of August & September, the last 10 days or so have been great ; high 20’s, not too hot and no 24/7 A/C.