Rainy season is now with us and so is hurricane season which started on June 1st. We sure hope that no hurricane will come our way, but thats all we can do, hope!  We get automated email alerts of possible storms and any potential storm gossip quickly spreads to everyone.  Our main reference for hurricane alerts is the national hurricane center in Miami. http://www.nhc.noaa.gov/

Now with rainy season, an annual phenomenon is back : the crabs.  There is a breed of “land crabs” that inhabit the island and that are not seen for most of the year. They live in burrow’s just like rabbits and only come out once there is heavy rain.  They come out since their underground homes are flooded and they cannot breath underwater like their sea cousins (or so were were told by a local group of kids)

In our neighborhood, there are lots of them.  When we go for a walk with Aipa (and often with Niko in tow), we have to watch our step since they come out after dark and cross the street.  Stepping on one and potentially getting our feet snapped is not a good idea.  They have large claws and can potentially cut off a finger (or toe for that matter). The crabs are eaten by many Caymanians.  On one occasion, we saw a car driving around slowly and when a crab was spotted, a person would jump out of the car, grab the crab and jump back into the car.  On another occasion (just last night ; I wish I had my camera), a group of 8-10 kids were walking around our neighborhood with sticks, a bucket and flashlights and were obviously having a great time looking for crabs.  They showed us their bucket; they had caught 6-7 of them. Julie & I have decided not to catch/eat any of these since they have a reputation of being “bottom feeders” and eating pretty much anything they will find, which includes garbage and anything you can imagine.  Some people say they are great to eat ; we will take their word for it.

There was even an article in the local paper about “crabbing safety”, just to show you how popular an even this is.


We even had a hermit crab on our back porch.  These guys are definitely not dangerous though.

Here is Niko chasing a crab and the crab is showing him his claws.  We did not allow Aipa to get anywhere near that crab.  🙂

Now in a concrete driveway.

Here is one resting in the grass.  Quite a large specimen.