For the third year in a row, I am in Los Angeles for a week at a client.  I must admit, I do like LA a lot!  I would not live here though ; I prefer Cayman for that.  I always have a rental car when I come here and get to drive around and see some sights!  Speaking of driving around, I had a Dodge Charger as a rental; not my type of car but had a “bad ass” look to it!


Here at Griffith Park in Hollywood, a friendly fox was crossing the road.


An excellent view of the Hollywood sign.


Great view of the LA skyscrapers.


Another view … notice the haze from the smog. 🙁


Hollywood Boulevard … the walk of fame. 


The theater that everyone has seen in picture before. Well, here is another one! 🙂

I fly back saturday to Cayman … cant wait to get back to Julie & the pets.