Laurent, a longtime friend of mine from Luxemboug and his GF Teri-Ann are now staying at my place!  We are thrilled to have them over ; I worked with Laurent in Montreal when he did an exchange from the Lux office for 3 years back in the early 200o’s.  He promised he would visit us in Cayman and he has delivered.  Now its up to me & Julie to visit Luxembourg to deliver on our part of the deal 🙂  Hopefully in the next 1-2 years we will make it to Lux for a  visit.

On their first full day, we took them to the main highlight of Grand Cayman ; stingray city.  It was a windy day, but it made for great sailboat ride.

Here is a picture of all of us on the sailboat.


Would you trust these two guys to be the captains of your boat? 🙂 Laurent is an avid cyclist ; notice the tan line on his arm from his cycling jersey!


Finally, a local Cayman sight.  I must see this daily and is so terribly dangerous that I am surprised the police don’t crack down on this.  Often you see 2-3 people, usually with 1-2 dogs and just seem to be having a good time while going somewhere.