Well this should certainly ramp up tourism … BIG TIME.

In some awesome news, it was announced that Grand Cayman will host a Formula-1 race, the first one in the Caribbean which is certainly an interesting and untapped market for them. After the withdrawal of the German Grand Prix from the calendar last month, Bernie Ecclestone, the F1 boss announced that Grand Cayman would now host its own race.  Cayman is no stranger to glitz and glamour, so this event will fit right in. Awesome!!! I have been to the Montreal race a few times so really looking forward to it.

Here is Bernie coming ashore (he came with his Mega Yatch) for the press conference. Was pretty cool to see him in person.


At the same time, they did some tests with actual F1 cars.  The race will be around the “East End loop” and a lot of it will be ocean side.  As you can see, it should make for some spectacular racing and pictures.



That is some huge news for the Cayman Islands which will put the country “on the map” for a whole new set of visitors.  Local businesses will also certainly agree.

Preparations are well underway for this event, which is scheduled for … next April fools day 🙂