In the last week or so, there has been lots of wave action. On the open ocean, its called “oceanic swells”, those large waves that make boats bobble all over the place.

Today, I went diving on the east end with some friends of mine. Let me tell you that there were plenty of swells!

To get to our dive site, the boat cruises for about 20 minutes or so inside the reef protected area. At one point, near Morritts (for those of you that know the area), we exit the reef and into the open ocean!  Man-o-man, we encountered some pretty big waves. Here is a video of exiting the reef

Once our dives completed, we headed back to base.  We were in for a treat. I posted a while ago some pictures of guys kite surfing.  Those pictures were very small and you could only see the guys hundreds of feet away. Well, one guy who is obviously quite skilled in this actity gave us a free show.

Here is a picture of him!  See the video below … quite spectacular.


The video. Amazing! 🙂

Finally, back to base.   I took a picture of a pelican resting.  Why take a picture of this common maritime bird?  Well, I cant recall having ever seen one in Cayman before.  There are plenty in Florida and other Caribbean islands, but not in Cayman. I have no idea why. If I were to venture a guess, it would be something to do with the hurricanes we have had in the past 5 years.