Long time no post!  Some of you even sent me emails asking why I had not posted ina  while.  Thanks for worring about me. 🙂

Hurricane season is also back unfortunately. June 1 – November 30 for those of you who are not familiar with this period of the year. Interestingly, the “statistical peak” of the hurricane season is around september 10th.   Makes sence ; we had Ivan (2004) on Sept 11th, Dean late august (2007), Gustav late august (2008), etc.

Those that want to follow the hurricane closely, I highly recommend the following websites. Once a hurricane is forecasted to come near/close to Cayman, these sites are the ones I see on the computer screens of all my co-workers when I walk down the corridor.




http://www.stormpulse.com (collects data from the above site, but very neat interface)

Absolutely nothing on the horizon right now; lets hope it stays that way. 

The “gurus” of Colorado State University predict  11 named storms (Basically Tropical storms or stronger) , of which 5 will reach hurricane strength and 2 of them to be Category 3 of more (AKA : “Major Hurricane”).  They predict an “average” hurricane season, whatever that means.  Lets see how it goes ; most of the time forecasters have trouble giving us accurate weather for the next day, let alone a 6-month period.