Happy Easter everyone!  Hope you have not eaten too much chocolate! In Cayman, we have a lovely 4-day weekend.  On that 4-day week-end, many caymanians hit the beaches, for the entire time. Let me explain …

There is a tradition (not sure how it started …) where the locals go camping from Thursday PM (or Friday AM) until Monday PM.  Whole families & groups of families find the best spots, bring tents, tarps for the rain, BBQ’s and the more sophisticated ones rent port-o-potties and even generators.  As for us, we’ll sleep in our bed with the A/C thank you very much! 🙂

Here is a small setup of just one test on Seven-Mile beach.


This seems to be 2-3 families and behind the tents was their rented potty!  They had a BBQ & lots of gear for the week-end, a make-shift shower, etc.



While venturing around today, we noticed that many cotton plants were … well, showing cotton for lack of a better term.  There does not appear to be any organized growing here in Cayman, since all the plants  we say today were on vacant lots.


Last but not least … I saw the largest snake I have even seen in Cayman and it was right on our front lawn. I estimate the it was 2.5-3ft long and the size of a garden hose at its largest. Here is a pic and a short video of the critter!