I have featured this beach in a few pictures in the past but never really talked about it.  This beach, although somewhat unknown to most on the island, is definitely one of our favorites. This beach can be found on the southern coast of Grand Cayman, about 2 miles before getting to Savannah. The entrance is just beside a small cemetery … very easy to miss.

Its not the most pretty, nor the most fun spectacular  for snorkeling, but has lots to love!

First things first ; we had Julie’s sister, her BF Emmanuel & his parents over for a week.  They had a great time exploring the island and we loved having them over!


Now back to Spotts.  When you get to the beach, this is what you see!  Understand why I like this place so much?


The swimming is so-so, but if you snorkel, you are in for a treat.  80% of the time I get to swim with sea turtles. You can also see loads of Conch (do not take : its a replenishment zone), lobsters (do not take either …) and stingrays.  I have even seen a moral eel and some tarpon.  The bottom is not very spectacular, but the wildlife makes up for it.  A friend of mine even swam once with a massive Manta ray there!  Must have been great.

Here is a picture from the pier of a turtle surfacing for air. They like the area since there is lots of sea grass which they eat. Be quick on the camera if you try to take a picture like this ; they only surface for 2-3 seconds every few minutes.


When we have guests we usually take them to Spotts for dinner & sunset.  Since Emmanuel & his parents are from France, wine was a must for this meal 🙂 Dinner on the pier!  Very nice.


During summer time, Spotts beach is also great for sunsets.   (In winter its too far north and is over land)   If you have ever been in this area of the world, you know how fast the sun sets.  The three pictures below are at about 2 minute intervals.