Merry Christmas everyone!  I hope that you are all enjoying time with family and friends as we are here in Cayman.  What a great place to be at this time of year.  Nice & breezy, not too hot, no hurricanes, etc.  There are lots of Christmas lights on homes and businesses, so people are in the festive mood. I even wore my amazing Christmas tie to work and saw someone with antlers on their head.  Speaking of antlers, here is Aipa with hers …

Christmas eve dinner was amazing and something you cant do back in Canada.  Sunset supper at the beach.  My mom in-law was taking the picture so is not in it, but as you can see it was pretty neat to dine like that at Spotts beach!

Later that evening we went to Crightons place on Shamrock St.  Very popular this time of year for the lights & all.  Its open to all and free admission.  Regular readers will remember pictures of this from last year.  Its so nice, that it deserves a second posting! 🙂


Here you can seen a general overview from the other side of the street and the traffic in the area due to many people stopping and parking their cars along the side of the street.

His house amongst the decorations.

One of the many very pretty theme displays.  The picture does not do them justice. They are hand crafted and have mechanical movement.  Very impressive.

More lights!

The path in/out of the property.

A final note.  While we were leaving the lights show, I saw a guy and he said “Thats Micho”. I had no idea what that meant or who he was!  Then, the guy and his wife introduced themselves as Damian & Traci, two of my blog readers who just recently moved to Cayman and who used my blog for some help. We had also exchanged some emails a few months ago!  How cool is that! 🙂 

It was great to meet you both and thanks for introducing yourselves to us!  My wife still cant believe that because of the blog you “picked” me out of a crowd!  Looking forward to seeing you again for drinks/dinner sometime in the new year!